Photography service

Including post-production *

2.500 CZK

Each hour started during photo-session including post-production *

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*) Frequently asked questions

Why is the rate charged per hour?
Each client and each scene has its own specifics. For the scenes it's a different preparation for photoshoot for clients different requirements. Therefore, not every client and photographing scenes can not be simply wrapped in a package with a fixed price. Accurate cost I can tell you after specifying your inquiry.
What is a "post-production"?
This is the developing of images from the data captured by a digital camera. This activity can be compared to developing conventional negatives at the time of analog cameras. In post-production is done eg. the application of filters, effects, noise reduction, white balance or retouching.
What is included in "Photography service" package?
The package includes more activities that each photographer must do before transmit photos to the customer. It is not only about taking photos, but also about the post-processing (application filters, noise reduction, white balance, etc.) and basic retouching (removal of unwanted objects in the photo).

Additional post-production

490 CZK
per hour

Additional post-production (edits and retouches) beyond the package 'Photography service'. Ie. each other post-production on the customer request is charged extra.

Transportation outside Prague

per kilometer

Price per km traveled for orders outside Prague, Czech Republic.
Transport in Prague is FREE.

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