Using unique technology

It allows me to capture every detail of the scene. This is not possible with a common photo taking workflow.

No camera can not capture the detail in high-contrast scenes like human eye. Therefore photographing such scenes required a special technique that allows me to capture all the details. A typical example is the interior backlight coming through windows or doors.

without details - Example 1 WITHOUT DETAILS
with details - Example 1 WITH DETAILS
without details - Example 2 WITHOUT DETAILS
with details - Example 2 WITH DETAILS
without details - Example 3 WITHOUT DETAILS
with details - Example 3 WITH DETAILS

Taking even details

I also focus on the architectural details of buildings and interior accessories or decorations.

The service is especially designed for architects and interior designers - the studies. Photographs of details or accessories can also be applied at restaurants or hotels. An example may be decoration of the interior - a light, floral decorations and so on.

image details and decor

Using trendy effects1

I add them with flair and for each order individually. Adding style to them..

Anyone can make everyday photos. Thanks photographic courses and examining of current trends I add more originality to photographs. For each contract, or the photo, selecting individual style. Photos are better fit into the website design, printed catalog or other target media.

1. Only after agreement with the client. The price remains the same.

Panorama pictures as standard

Panoramic images are ideal for capturing a larger space or for the use of virtual tours. Mostly, they are necessary because of the limited space for shooting a particular scene. Panoramic images require specific photographic equipment to get professional results. I take and finalize that images for free.

When to use?

Overview of objects that deserve stylish photographs.

How I work?

The individual steps of each contract

Day 1

You contacted me by phone, email or via the web form. You demand services or a quote on specific request.

Day 2-3

I'll contact you and consult your request. We solve the location and date of taking shots. I try to meet as soon as possible according to my workload.

Day 4-5

Sending a quote if special demand. Otherwise, I am sending proforma invoice. After paying the proforma invoice I will prepare your order.

Day D

I photograph.

Day D+3

Sending a link to online storage where your photos are stored. The link is valid for 14 days and you can download it multiple times. At the same time sending an invoice for additional payment of remaining amount.

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